More Riverdale!

Tune in to this coming episode of Riverdale, on January 31st, to catch "Hummingbird." This song is especially near and dear to my heart, and I'm happy it's having a moment on the screen. I'm such a fan of where music meets visual media, and as you might be able to tell, I truly get excited every time one of my songs is used in a project!


The song "Trampoline" is going to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Riverdale, which I believe will be airing on November 15th. So fun!! Feel free to check out "Trampoline," as well as a handful of other songs on my "Music Page."  Thanks for listening, and watching!

The Onion

Just came across this interview from "The Onion" from long ago. It's so silly, I thought I'd post...

Singing Canyon

Was just in Utah, where we came across an incredible spot called "Singing Canyon," named for the beautiful acoustics created by these natural rock formations. So gorgeous! Near Boulder, Utah, if you're ever in that area. We took some footage of me singing Hummingbird, which may end up as a music video.


French Television Show "Profilage"

I don't often post the music for TV and commercials I create, but have been asked about this often enough that I figured I'd include this link on my site. It's one of the songs I wrote and recorded with Alex Fortuit for the French show "Profilage." Unfortunately I'm not able to distribute the song for download, but here's a way to listen, through the magic of somebody's Youtube creation. Hope you enjoy...

Thanks! I love hearing from you!

I just wanted to say thanks to all those who have reached out, sharing fun stories and personal experiences related to the new album. I love hearing from you, and welcome the chance to connect. Keep em coming! You can drop me a line on my Facebook Page Talk to you all soon!


Songwriting is very cyclical for me, and I'm now in a space where I'm writing regularly and loving it! Not quite sure what I'll do with these songs, but will keep you posted...


Hope you're all having a great start to 2016! Just wanted to post and say that morning pages rule! Do any of you do "morning pages," from "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron? I've been doing it more regularly, and really notice how it helps open me up in my songwriting.

Switched at Birth Finale!

ABC's "Switched at Birth" licensed another song from the new album, which they're featuring in tonight's finale. I loved how they used "This Is The Season" a few episodes ago, and so am very excited to see how "Tell It To Me Slowly" fits into this final episode of the season. Tune in if you can...

ABC's Switched At Birth

"This Is The Season," the first track on the new album, is in tonight's episode of Switched At Birth on ABC! I've been told it ends the's a quality show, so tune in and enjoy! :) So exciting that the album's getting out there. Hope those of you who have it are enjoying the new songs!

Today's the big day!

"AWAKE" is officially released today. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, with an extra special shout out to Producer extraordinaire Liam Davis, and to all of you for your patience and support! So excited to share that the album is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, and more...Direct links are posted on my SHOP page. Happy listening!!


I was SO excited this morning when Jim Nelson at KCSN played "This Is The Season," the first track on "Awake." KCSN, which is 88.5 FM in Los Angeles, and streaming through apps, is what I consider the best radio station on the planet! So you can imagine my excitement -- Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for the support, Jim!!

Album Release Show on Saturday July 18th!

I'm excited to have a big ol' party to celebrate the release of this album, which was quite a few years in the making! The release show will be:


HOTEL CAFE in Hollywood, CA

Can't wait to be back at the Hotel. Such a fun venue! Hope you can make it!!

Release date is set!

So excited to announce the official release date of the album -- July 14th!! 

Just around the corner!

The album is being pressed as I write this! Will keep you all posted about the official release date as well as upcoming shows. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support!!!

Awake - Coming Soon!!!

Happy New Year! Hope you all are starting off with a rockin' 2015!! The album is SO close, I'm exploding with excitement! Almost done with the album art, and then will get it all happenin'. Estimating a summer release, date TBD. 

Song in FX's "Married"

My song "Perfect Story" can be heard in this week's episode of "Married" on FX, Thursday at 10pm. Fun! Check it out :)

Making progress...

Album #4, tentatively titled "Awake," is in the final stage of recording! I'll be heading to Chicago next month to add the finishing touches. Woo hoo! Maybe it'll even be released this year?! At this pace, I won't hold my breath. But I will keep you posted...

"It's the Sound" now on Pandora

Pandora just picked up my second album, "It's the Sound." Super fun!

Checkin' in!

Hey everyone - It has been way too long since I last wrote -- busy with life, including kids, school, and of course MUSIC! I'm continuing to make progress on the new album. Since it's a little here, a little there, it is slow going, but it's definitely going! And I can't wait to be able to share it with you all...probably next year! So stay tuned... In the meantime, I hope you are all well, and that you're having a wonderful 2013 :) xo Tracy

Profilage Season 3 premieres at #1

The French series, Profilage, just aired the first episode of season 3. I was told it was number one, with 6 million viewers! I co-wrote some songs for this season, and am thrilled that it's doing so well, as it's an amazing show!!

More Royal Pains!

Tune in next week, on February 1st, to hear my song "Unforgettable" on USA's "Royal Pains!"

Phase 2 of Recording

Slowly but surely, the songs for the new album are taking shape. Liam Davis, the Producer, lives in Chicago and I'm in LA, so we are sending the tracks back and forth through the air! I imagine in Phase 3 (not sure how many phases there will be :) we'll work on together together in 1 city, but for now it's working amazingly well.

Songs written for Profilage

I've been writing and recording songs with Alexandre Fortuit for a Network series in France called "Profilage." I believe it is going to start airing soon, so if you're in France, check it out!!! :)

Royal Pains this Wednesday 7/13

Just found out that my song "It's The Sound" will be in this week's episode of Royal Pains. I'm very excited because I love the show and look forward to watching it each week! If you also love it, then keep your ears open, and if you haven't seen it, tune into USA this Wednesday night and enjoy :)


Very excited that my music has been added to Pandora Radio! I feel honored to be part of such a great collection of music!!

Last week of Expressing Motherhood!

We're halfway through the run of Expressing Motherhood, and the play is really amazing. It's truly an incredible cast who offer so many different perspectives on Motherhood, and I feel honored to be a part of it. Wanted to say thanks to everyone who came last week! And also let you know that there are 4 more shows this week, Wed. 5/4 - Sat. 5/7. I highly recommend it if you can make it! For more info, visit their website:

Recording begins!!

I flew to Chicago today to start recording my new album with Producer Liam Davis. We first spent a couple of days getting all of the songs in shape and then spent a day in the studio recording drums, played by the amazing Gerald Dowd! I'm really, really excited about it and am so happy to have started the process. Next, Liam and I will pass files back and forth from Chicago to LA -- it's pretty amazing what we can do with technology these days!!

Expressing Motherhood

I've just been cast in this amazing play called Expressing Motherhood, which consists of Moms sharing stories about Motherhood. I wrote and submitted a song based on one of the many experiences of being a Mom, and I'm really excited to perform it in their Mother's Day show. It's running for 8 nights at the end of April, beginning of May -- get your tickets now by clicking here!

New Music Seminar

I attended the New Music Seminar in LA this week, and it was incredibly inspiring. I'm now motivated and excited about all of the possibilities that the internet provides for indie musicians such as myself! There are so many places to upload my music and be in touch with people who are interested in my music. It's really amazing but also overwhelming. So I'm starting with my website, cleaning it up a bit and then I'm going to create a Facebook page that's exclusively for my music. I'll be sure to let you all know when that happens.


Lately I've been very inspired and have been writing more songs for the new album. Still recording them on my own but am taking the next steps to get Liam on board. He will (of course!) be Producing the album. I'm really excited about this new batch of songs and will start playing around town to put these little guys out there. There's something about my kids getting a little older (they're now 4 & 2!) that's motivating me -- maybe it's that I'm starting to sleep like a normal person! Anyway, I'm definitely more energized and am thinking about all of the musical projects I want to delve into.

Toyota Commercial!

Just got word that a Jars of Stars song is going to be in a Toyota commercial, so keep your ears open. You can hear the song, called "BaBaDa" on our Myspace page. Jars of Stars is the band that I'm in with Liam Davis, who has produced all of my solo albums.

Commercial for Google Japan!

One of the songs that I wrote with Sean Spuehler (my brother!) and Liam Davis was chosen to be in an ad for Google Japan. I'm hoping to be able to upload it for you to check out, but am having trouble getting video to work on my page!

Flash Forward

The song "Hear You Say" from my album "It's The Sound" will be in tonight's episode of Flash Forward on ABC. Check it out if you get a chance!


I've started recording my new songs! And am very excited to be on the path to making another album. As of now, it's just me working on these songs in my home studio. Once they start taking shape, I'll figure out what the next step will be. Will keep you posted... com!

Check out the new commercial that's airing now. That's right, folks, I'm singing the "dot com" on this one!

Live shows

Many folks have been asking me when I'm going to start playing out again. It has been a little while and I've been asking myself the same question! I guess I've been in a different mode, more about working on songwriting, exploring the world of writing & singing for commercials, and to be honest, my bedtime with two young kids is embarrassingly early! BUT, with that said, the new year may bring with it new possibilities to get my solo artist groove on and take it to the streets :) 2010...the year of the stage?

writing and mommying

Not sure what I'm going to do with the songs I'm writing these days, but am just having fun digging into songwriting. Maybe I'll start recording them, lo-fi style, and see what happens from there. I'm also continuing to write for commercials -- a girl's got to make a living somehow :) Actually it has really been a blast. I feel very fortunate to have come across a fun way to make a living doing music while also being able to continue writing songs and spending time with my kiddos (who are now 1 1/2 and 3 1/2!).


I've been working on a project with my brother, Sean Spuehler. Not only is he a totally awesome brother but he's also an amazing musician/producer/programmer (his credits include Madonna, Beck and most recently Adam Lambert to name a few). We've just finished 15 songs that will be released by Boosey & Hawkes, a publisher based in the UK, for licensing to TV/Film. This group of songs was really fun to write & record -- all super happy, upbeat tunes that were recorded in the home studio that we set up in my garage!


I'm part of a new website called and I'm very excited about what they're doing. It was founded by artists (including Jackson Browne & Alanis Morissette) who wanted to offer a whole new experience for music fans. They have selected 200 of the top Indie artists to offer their music on the site and have created what they call the Backstage Pass. The pass costs $20 and with that you can download (and own) any of the 2,000+ songs. There is such quality music on the site, from more well-known indie artists like Ron Sexmith, Tracy Bonham & Dan Bern to local LA indie artists like me :) It's a great way to own music that you've wanted to get plus to discover new music from artists that you don't know about yet. Definitely check it out, and if you decide to get a backstage pass, please select my name from the drop-down list that asks "Who are you here to download?" Enjoy :) And thanks for your continued support!!

Anything You Want

We just finished our Jars of Stars EP, titled "Anything You Want," and the song "Feeling Higher" was selected for a commercial! It's for a company called Freestyle and will start airing next week. Keep your ears open :) Check us out & be our Myspace Friend!

Jars of Stars

Liam & I have started a side project band. We're calling it Jars of Stars, and are in the process of recording a 5 song EP. I'm still writing songs on my own, but my time is mostly focused on getting these songs written & recorded. Will keep you posted... Hope you're all well & have happy, happy holidays!!!

Liam in LA

wanted to let you know that Liam Davis, my pal (and Producer on all 3 of my albums!), is playing a solo show tomorrow night at Crane's in Hollywood. He totally rocks! and I think you should all come!! I'll be joining him on stage for one song. Fun stuff!


Hey everyone - hope you've been doing well! I've been busy with baby and have been writing a lot of music lately as well. I've also been writing music for commercials, and recently wrote and sang on a couple of WalMart spots. They're quite fun to write -- like little songs. Will let you know if any more happen so you can look out for them...

More Men in Trees!

Check out tonight's episode of ABC's "Men in Trees" to hear the song "Orange Crush" from the new album. Enjoy :)

Baby Jane is born!

I had a baby on the 20th. Yup - 4/20 is her birthday! She's incredibly sweet and scrumptious. I'll be out of the loop for i imagine a couple of months, but will check back in soon and let you all know what's going on with the music!

ABC's "Men In Trees"

Tune in to this week's "Men in Trees" on ABC (10pm/9 central) to hear the song "All The Way" from my new album "You're My Star." It'll be kicking off the show! Happy TV watching :)

YouTube - Live at the Hotel Cafe

A big THANKS to everyone who came to the "You're My Star" Album Release Show last night! The band and I had a blast playing and it was so fun to celebrate with you all!! Thanks for making it such a special night! For those of you who don't live in LA or who couldn't make it, I've put a couple of the songs up on YouTube....the next best thing to being there :) Hope you enjoy!

LA Weekly Review

The LA Weekly has chosen the upcoming Feb. 25th Album Release show as the music pick of that night! They highlighted the show with a review and photo, which you can check out HERE.

"You're My Star" is released today!!!

I'm so excited that my new album is officially out. I'm so ready to get the music out there and hope you all enjoy the new songs! My release show, which will be with the full band, is scheduled for February 25th at 9pm at the Hotel Cafe. Hope you can make it if you're in the LA area!

You're My Star

My new album will be officially released in 1 week on February 12th!! I'm very excited and have just confirmed the date for the release party at the Hotel Cafe in LA. The show's going to be on February 25th, so mark your calendars if you're in the area! :)

new album is done!

I've just completed my third album, which will be called "You're My Star," and I can't wait to get the songs out there for you to check out! I'm shooting for a release date around Valentine's day, since it's a collection of love songs, and I'll be making the album available online before the release, so be sure to check back soon! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

mixing the new album

Wanted to let you all know that I've been working on the new album. We're getting ready to mix in early August. Yay! Will post a couple on my myspace page when we have the final tracks. Be sure to sign up on the email list for updates!

"Where Do We Go?" continues to find a place on TV!

Tonight, tune into "What About Brian" on ABC to hear the song "Where Do We Go?"

Vegas, Baby!

The song "Skin Deep" will be in the Premiere episode of "Paradise City," a new show on E!

Men in Trees!!

"Where Do We Go?" will be used in ABC's "Men in Trees" tomorrow night, January 11th, so be sure to tune in!

Watch "Weeds" tonight!

"Weeds" is featuring the song "Where Do We Go?" tonight in this season's final episode!

Laguna Beach on MTV

The song "Double Vision" from "It's the Sound" is in tonight's episode of Laguna Beach. Hope you get a chance to check it out!

MTV's 8th & Ocean

The song "Broken Melody," from "It's the Sound" was featured in tonight's final episode of "8th & Ocean." When you think models, you think Tracy Spuehler...Right? :)

Emily's Reasons Why Not

I'm thrilled that "It's the Sound" will be used in the Premiere episode of ABC's "Emily's Reasons Why Not," which will be airing January 9th on ABC at 9pm/8 central. Fun, fun, fun!

mtv's laguna beach

TONIGHT, the song "Time," from my latest album "It's the Sound," is on MTV's Laguna Beach -- the graduation episode. Hope you get a chance to check it out!

jane magazine/maybelline

The song "It's the Sound" has been selected by JANE Magazine and Maybelline New York to appear on their next JANE Reader CD! Pretty fun, huh?! More details to come...will keep you posted.


just wanted to say a big thank you to all the folks who came out to the recent shows -- at the Hotel Cafe and also the Derby for International Pop Overthrow. Thanks for all of your support!

hotel cafe

i'm looking forward to playing next week at the hotel cafe, in the final days before they temporarily close, and reopen to be twice the size. i hope to see some of you at this intimate show!

LA Weekly Music Awards

I'm thrilled and tickled that I've been nominated for an LA Weekly Music Award! The nominees have just been announced, and I'm included as one of 5 in the "Best Singer-Songwriter" category!! The ceremony will be held on June 14th. Very, very exciting!

Shows in July & August

Since I've been focusing on writing, the live shows have briefly taken a back seat. So I just wanted to let you know that I've just booked a couple of shows in July, at The Mint, and August at The Derby. I'm sure I'll also be hittin' The Hotel Cafe quite a bit this summer. It'll be great to give some of the new songs life outside my living room!

April writing sessions bring May songs

I've been in writing mode lately, and have really been focusing on the songwriting. It's been a very creative and fruitful time, and a lot of fun! In addition to writing on my own, I've also been branching out into the world of co-writing. I'm having a blast with that, and I'll definitely keep you posted on those songs as well. I look forward to sharing a lot of the new stuff with you soon!!

Mozart and the Whale

Keep your eyes out for the movie "Mozart and the Whale," starring Josh 'Heartthrob' Hartnett :) -- "It's the Sound" is used in the film. Hip Hip...Hooray! I'm sure it's going to be a great movie, so check it out!

session cat

I was a session musican today, and it was fun! It was for a track that my buddy Todd was working on. I broke out the violin and viola, and then sang some backing vocals. Wheeee!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the gig at Tangier. It was lots o fun and great to see all of you!!


I normally write in this news section if there's something fun to share regarding music. But this time I thought I'd just write to say hi to you guys. Hope your new year is going well so far. If you're in LA, come to the show this sunday the 30th and say hello! If you're not in LA, hope to talk to you soon!

"It's the Sound" gets more love

The folks over at CBS' Joan of Arcadia are going to use the song "It's the Sound" in a future episode of the show. Keep your ears tuned & let me know if you come across it!

High School Reunion

Someone told me that "At the Frank Black Show" was used in the premier of the WB's "High School Reunion." thanks, WB, for helping to get my music out there!

Music Connection

Thanks to Ben Nachman for coming to the album release party and taking the time to write a very thoughtful review of the show, the awesome band, the songs and much more. The review is posted in the club reviews section of their website. There is too much good stuff to narrow it down to just one quote!

very cool powerpop site, worth checking out. they included a very nice review of "It's the Sound" that gives much-deserved props to Producer Liam Davis, and called it "a textured pop record that resonates"

Life as We Know It

Today, 2 songs from my new album, "It's the Sound" and "Skin Deep" were licensed for the ABC show "Life as we know it." ALSO, today I was asked to be on a reality show (which I turned down). Now I feel like I've really made it:) It was a fun and funny day, which ended with playing a show at the Hotel Cafe with my buddy AM. Good times!

Writing, singing, learning

Hey folks. Just wanted to let you know what I'm up to now that the new album is out there for the world to hear. I'm spending a lot of time writing, and also am starting to learn how to play the piano. I love, love, love it! And have already started to write on piano (usually I write on guitar), which is quite different. It's very exciting & I'll definitely have new songs to share with you at my upcoming gigs!

Thanks for your support!

The trip to NY & Mpls was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out to see the shows and say hi. It was great to see you and meet those of you I hadn't met before. I felt the love and hope you did too:)

Heading to New York & Minneapolis

In the upcoming week, I'm going to be playing at Fez under Time Cafe in New York and Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis. If you have friends in either city, please pass on the good word. I'm looking forward to the adventures in both cities!

more reviews...

American Songwriter reviews the new album in their October/November issue and calls the songs "poetic and straightforward, with a satisfying depth to the lyrics." calls it "Pure Delight!" Check out what other folks have written by clicking the 'press' link to the right

#142 on CMJ

"It's the Sound" has been steadily climbing the CMJ top 200 chart for the last few weeks & this week is at #142. It's great to know that people are spreading the word across the country!

Paste adds both albums to their online store!

cmj's top 200

"It's The Sound" debuted at # 150 on the CMJ's Top 200 this week! Thanks to all of the DJs and stations who are playing the album and getting the new songs out there!

"it's the sound" release date

The new album is officially released! The big party is tonight at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, where I'll play with my band -- tonight they're called The Sounds. I'm really excited for the gig, and truly appreciate everyone's support!


Los Angeles Times, HITS and more...I won't go into too much detail, but it's been an exciting time in anticipation of the new album's release, and the reviews have been pouring in! Click on 'PRESS' for some of that action :)

wxpn in Philadelphia

I'm working on getting a list together of all the radio stations that are playing the new album. But one of the big East Coast stations that just started playing the song "It's the Sound" is WXPN 88.5 in Philly. Request "It's the Sound" by calling 215-573-9976 or by going to XPN online Thanks!!

College Radio's Top 20!

CMJ (College Music Journal) released this week's list of the top 20 most added records, and "It's the Sound" is in there!!

"it's the sound" climbs the charts

"It's the Sound" got to #24 this week on the KCRW charts!

PASTE & Music Connection

"at the frank black show" gets a spin

Anne Litt, on her show 'Weekend Becomes Eclectic,' played the song "At the Frank Black Show" (track #2) from the new album. If you want to hear that song or other songs from "It's the Sound," click 'Music' on your right! And, if you want to hear it on the radio, feel free to call and make a request: (310) 450-5183 :)

KCRW top 50

"It's the Sound" hits the charts by entering the KCRW top 50!

"It's the Sound" is added to more KCRW shows!

"It's the Sound" was played today on 'Weekend Becomes Eclectic,' hosted by Anne Litt.
In true KCRW fashion, Anne's show (Weekends, 2pm-5pm) is filled with quality music & is a treat to listen to! See below for details on where to tune in...

RADIO AIRPLAY - "It's the Sound" on KCRW!

Both Nic Harcourt ('Sounds Eclectic,' Sundays 6pm-8pm) AND Gary Calamar ('The Open Road,' Sundays 8pm-11pm) played the song "It's the Sound" on their shows today. Nic also has played the song on 'Morning Becomes Eclectic,' weekdays 9am-12pm. In LA, check them out on 89.9FM; ONLINE, with streaming audio, at To make a request, call (310) 450-5183


I'm in New York this week, playing at Fez under Time Cafe on the 18th. Also on the agenda is seeing Madonna's show on the 17th and seeing lots of friends. If you're in or around NY, I hope to see you at the show!

Website Launched!

Welcome to the new! Today is an exciting day. I hope you enjoy the new Tracymusic look and experience. Keep checking back for news updates, and be sure to check out the music page with songs from the upcoming release "It's the Sound." Debut album "six three one" available on on CD Baby

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"Tracy Spuehler's tunes charmed their way into the public's ear on KCRW-FM and beyond, with bursts of wit and sweetness tempered by dollops of sobering reality." 

- Kevin Bronson, LOS ANGELES TIMES


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