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Tracy Spuehler: Home

New album “AWAKE” Coming Soon!! 

ALBUM RELEASE SHOW: Saturday July 18th at The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles


awake cover

Release date: Summer 2015

“six three one,” “It’s The Sound” and “You’re My Star,” with songs featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Showtime, MTV, VH1 and more, available on itunes, and CD Baby.  

It's the Sound cover It's the Sound cover ymscoverfinal2

Imagine a messy, chaotic world filled with junkyards and media billboards, all shouting noise, hype, and clutter. Now imagine in the middle of this mess is a little oasis, a little perfect circle with a single simple beam of light shining down on a girl singing a simple melody. That's Tracy. - Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby 

Spuehler's latest is this year's "You're My Star," yet another strong release that finds the songwriter boasting yet another collection of smart and infectious songs…There is a straightforward sincerity to them that is completely refreshing in a business full of over-production and lyrical overflow. Her lyrics are sharp and sugarless. Her songs never seem too long or too short. And her albums sound better and better after every listen. - Robbie McCown, Womenfolk

For most folks, writing the perfect two or three minute pop song is a very difficult (if not impossible) task. But Spuehler makes it sound as simple as peach pie. On this album, she tosses off twelve super sweet infectious tunes...and they all come across sounding perfectly tweaked and effortless. When you stop to think about how many sarcastic, negative people there are in the world...someone as genuinely sincere and talented as Tracy Spuehler comes across like a cool fresh splash of water in the face. To put it more simply, You're My Star is a truly beautiful album full of super catchy sparkling pop." - babysue magazine/LMNOP